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Weekend Family Game Night Suggestions

Game nights have always been a fun way to spend the night with friends or family and provide a great opportunity to discuss our feelings while having fun. Games also help teach children a variety of skills regardless of their age, ability, or neurodevelopment. Over the years, Spectra's Social Worker, Zach Leiske, has come across some which are great for children with ASD or other neurodevelopmental disorders:

  • Battle Sheep is a great game that is pretty simple to learn and helps children learn basic strategy. It can be set up to be as simple or complicated as the players want.

  • Labyrinth is a great board game that Zach grew up playing. Zach has also brought it in to play with students on the spectrum. This game helps children learn how to think critically and there are ways to simplify it for different levels.

  • Uno is another classic game that Zach has always loved to play. It is as simple as matching numbers or colors and you can always add different rules to make it more difficult.

What are your family's favorite games? Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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