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Accepted Health Insurance

Solidifying funding is an integral component of enrollment at Spectra Centers. Although it may seem intimidating, our team is equipped to help you understand your funding source(s) or even help to identify feasible options if Spectra Centers services are not covered by your funding source(s). Below is a list of Spectra Centers funding partnerships.

Funding Fact!

Please note that these are funding partnerships only.

This list does not guarantee coverage of a specific program or provision of services by a certain provider. Plans and benefits will need to be checked on an individual basis to determine eligibility. 

Health Insurance 

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Beacon

  • Cigna

  • Health First Colorado / Colorado Medicaid

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • TriCare

  • United Behavioral Health

Private Pay

Check and credit card

All Medicaid Clients, Please Note:

Medicaid is the payer of last resorts. If you have access to commercial insurance, it will need to be listed as the "Primary Insurance Information" when filling out documentation. Inaccurate information could cause a delay in accessing services.

Medicaid ABA Clients:
  1. Medicaid Clients are Limited to ONE Behavioral Service Provider: By Medicaid law, only one behavioral services provider can be utilized at a time. If you are currently receiving services through another provider, you will not be able to receive authorization for Spectra’s behavioral services until you stop services. Please plan accordingly.

  2. Required Prescription: Medicaid requires a "prescription for therapy." This must come from your physician and include the following:

    • Description of the services needed (i.e. behavioral, speech, occupational therapy, etc.)

    • A timeline for the service(s) needed (i.e. today’s date through the last day of the year)

    • Confirmation that the client is not in need of 24-hour nursing care.

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