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Spectra School's Transition Program implements an innovative approach to pre-vocational and vocational training. Following Spectra Centers' "Yes, we can!" value, programming is both center and community-based with opportunities shaped around specific interests and built upon partnerships within the community. Furthermore, fundamental life skills are considered key components.

Students take Transition Assessments (such as a Checklist of Adaptive Living Skills, Pictorial Interest Inventory, Assessment of Functional Living Skills, or Transition Planning Inventory) when they first enter the program. Based upon results, we create goals in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to address skills to be learned. These decisions are made by the IEP team and others who know the student well. The Transition program also integrates the Quality Indicators for transition services for students 18-21 SSN (located on the Colorado Department of Education’s website:

The three tiers consist of Preparation, pre-vocational, and vocational. The 21st Century Skills Checklist is used as a guide to incorporate new skills into an individualized program.

A group of three young adults look down into the camera creating a star with their fingers.

Why Spectra?

Student interests and community partnerships are the center of our innovative approach to pre-vocational and vocational training. Programming is both facility-based and community-based because of the great value each provides in immersing young adults into "real-life" situations. In the facility setting, skills are introduced, taught and practiced in a very controlled environment. In the community setting, safety, advocacy, and 21st Century Learning Skills are emphasized to further develop each individual’s independent living skills.

The goals of Spectra School's Transition Program are as follows: communication, working for and among a team, daily hygiene, independence, and general behavior management. Young adults work through three tiers of preparation, pre-vocational, and vocational training. The ultimate goal is for young adults to obtain paid employment within their community.

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