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Careers at Spectra

Are you looking to gain experience in the field? Are you looking for a place where your experience will matter? Spectra Centers offers a home for those that want to become part of a team – a family. We have hourly and salaried positions, as well as an opportunity to grow within our Company and make Spectra a long-term home, as many continue to do. We offer competitive pay and a great benefits package that follows our "Work hard, play hard” value.

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The best thing about Spectra is...

We lead with love and care.

Hourly Positions

Therapeutic Instructors (TIs)

Therapeutic Instructors are hourly employees that work directly with clients and students, providing one-on-one service in our clinic, school, and home-based programs. Spectra provides a comprehensive knowledge base in the field through paid training and ongoing supervision opportunities, which includes 40+ hours of Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) Training and Safety-Care Behavioral Training. This is a great position for staff that enjoy building rapport and working closely with clients and families, as well as for those who are interested in evolving their careers into a salaried position.


  • Paid Sick Leave 

  • Paid Time Off

  • On-the-Job training

  • Safety-Care Behavioral Training

  • Opportunities for career advancement in various disciplines through supervision and fieldwork

  • Biannual Professional Development Trainings


Salaried Positions

(Lead Therapeutic Instructor, Teacher, Clinician / Related Service Provider)

Spectra emphasizes collaboration. Salaried staff work alongside other disciplines through weekly Clinical / Educational meetings and monthly Academic Meetings provide them with time to study and share with other staff in their field. Following our value of "Work hard, play hard," salaried Spectra employees are currently eligible for a minimum of 43 days off including paid sick time / vacation.  


  • Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits

  • Paid Time Off 

  • Paid Sick Leave 

  • Paid Holidays

  • 401k Plan

  • On-the-Job training

  • Safety-Care Behavioral Training

  • Opportunities for career advancement in various disciplines through supervision and fieldwork

  • Biannual Professional Development Trainings

Lead Therapeutic Instructors (Lead TIs)

Each classroom, or program, is supported by a Lead Therapeutic Instructor. These are salaried employees that provide direct one-on-one service and spend additional time focusing on data collection and the provision of support for the Special Education Teacher or Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that manages the classroom or program that they work within. In addition to the TI training, Spectra Lead TIs hold a Substitute Teaching License, which provides the opportunity for shared teaching, when needed.

Many possible career advancements include working toward a licensed position, (e.g. teacher or clinician / related service provider) through advanced university courses, supervision and fieldwork hours.

Special Education Teacher

Each classroom at Spectra School has at its helm a Special Education Teacher. Our teachers have salaried, year-round positions within classrooms of no larger than 12 students and supervision responsibilities of the Therapeutic Instructors (paras). Spectra teachers are part of a dynamic team of educators and related service providers who carry out the Interdisciplinary Intervention Model. Students come from many different school districts with diverse backgrounds, different learning needs and a variety of disabilities. Preference is given to CDE licensed Special Education teachers but those in alternative licensure programs or in university special education teaching programs are welcome to apply. Practicum and student teaching opportunities are offered based upon availability.

Clinician / Related Service Provider

Both Spectra Autism Center and Spectra School are supported by the Interdisciplinary Intervention Model team approach and includes four positions: Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Occupational Therapist (OT), Mental Health Therapist (Psychologist or Social Worker), and Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). These clinicians/related service providers have salaried, year-round positions and a balanced schedule that includes 63% direct client / student services either inside or outside of the classrooms. The additional 37% of the time is for consultation, helping to train others, managing administrative needs and providing support for our families. Practicum, fieldwork and part-time opportunities may be offered, based upon availability.​

Spectra Complies With Title IX

Spectra Centers Inc. Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures

Spectra does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its programs and activities. Its prohibition against sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, covers students, employees, applicants, and other third parties. 

Our Location

7205 West 120th Avenue,

Broomfield, CO 80020


Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: Closed 

Sunday: Closed

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