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Q:  Is there a waiting list to enroll at Spectra?

A: Once we have determined that you are a fit for our program and we are a fit for you, the waiting period is based upon three components which include: (1) completion of your paperwork, (2) funding approval, and (3) staff assignments. Paperwork can be submitted conveniently through our online portal here. Funding approval varies by agency, but typically takes up to ten (10) business days. Assignment of staff also varies by program and the service days / times that are being requested.​

Q: Is autism a diagnosis required to attend Spectra Autism Center? Do you work with other diagnoses?

An autism diagnosis is not required to attend! However, it is important to find out before starting services if your insurance will provide coverage for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with your child’s current diagnosis. And yes, our behavioral and clinical services are provided to children who have a wide range of diagnoses! Autism was our initial area of interest and specialty; however, the Interdisciplinary Intervention Model (II Model) has shown to be an effective method of treatment for diagnoses beyond autism. We’re happy to see you here!

Q: Who will be working with my child? Is it the same staff each day or a team?

A: Your child will work with several Therapeutic Instructors (TIs) assigned to a team in his or her classroom. The TIs become familiar with each child’s program, goals, and preferences. Why? We’ve set this up as such for several reasons. Should one of our TIs be off on a beach holiday, your child won’t need to take a holiday as well. Consistency in your services is valuable. In addition, working amongst people increases generalization. Consistency is great in programming – and generalization is even greater!

Q:  What do I need to pack for my child’s session?

A: Please pack what is needed for the session or the day. This may include a lunch, snacks, and a water bottle, keeping in mind goals that are being worked on. If we are expanding the food repertoire, toss in the broccoli! Toileting necessities and a change of clothes might also be helpful. Everyone has their own diet, food preferences, and allergies, so we keep our hands in our own lunchbox!

Q: How safe are the facilities? Do you have locks on doors or fences?

A: Spectra works to keep the facilities as safe as possible. All outside doors remain locked during the day and families enter with keypad access. All grounds are surrounded by fences. The staff-intensive team is helpful when extra hands are needed and a system of walkie-talkies is dispersed daily to expedite communication.​

Q: Can I come in and observe a session?

A: Spectra maintains an open-door policy. Families are welcome to schedule an observation with their Director. Due to a high level of requests for observations, limited site visits are available for others after client hours in order to protect confidentiality.

Q:  What is ABA?

A: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a highly researched and successful treatment for children and adolescents with autism and other developmental disabilities. In therapy, ABA works to teach new skills, improve socially significant behaviors, and decrease maladaptive, or unwanted, behaviors. Spectra’s ABA programs target skills including: Functional Communication Training, language, self-help, social skills, problem behaviors, adaptive daily living, and social-emotional development. Direct assessments are completed to design individualized language, social, and skill acquisition programs for each child based on the principles of ABA. Depending on the need of the child, direct and indirect measures, such as a Functional Analysis (FA) or a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), are used to determine the function of each child’s behavior. Understanding the function of a behavior provides insight into why the behavior is potentially continuing, and how best to change it, including teaching appropriate alternative behaviors.

Q: How does Spectra blend Naturalistic Teaching and ABA principles?

A: Both ABA and Naturalistic Teaching were part of the research conducted for the Interdisciplinary Intervention Model. They are research-supported treatments that offer success for different types of learners. However, when blended, the traditional methodology of ABA combined with naturalistic teaching results in an abundance of increased opportunities for generalized learning. Children can continue to engage in their daily routines at home, school, and in the community, while desired behaviors are being reinforced. Parents, caregivers, and other providers can also become involved, increasing the likelihood for generalization and success.

Q: How do I submit registration paperwork?

A: For our registration paperwork, use our online paperwork portal to fill out our registration form. Complete the form and follow prompts and directions to upload clear photos of the front and back of your insurance card. 

*All Medicaid Clients, please note:

Medicaid is the payer of last resorts. If you have access to commercial insurance, it will need to be listed as the "Primary Insurance Information" when filling out the Patient Registration form in the Intake Packet. Inaccurate information could cause a delay in accessing services.

Q: How do I submit intake paperwork?

For our intake paperwork, use the login button to access and create a free account for our online member portal (approval to join will be granted by Spectra once registration paperwork has been submitted and approved). From there, find and download Spectra's Family Handbook on the left side of the "My Account" page. Use the links at the top of the "My Account" page to access the appropriate forms online.

Each of our programs require an intake packet specific to the program. Spectra Autism and Psychological & Counseling needs a Diagnostic Report / Assessment if a diagnosis has been issued previously, this is required for authorization. For Spectra School, supplemental documents include: a copy of your student’s General Health Appraisal Form (sample included in Intake), current immunization record, Diagnostic Assessment, and a photo of the student.

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