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Interdisciplinary Intervention Model

A broad range of services and expertise can be hard to find, expensive to maintain, and difficult to navigate. At Spectra Centers, it's different. We set out to find a comprehensive solution that brings both relief and benefits to families in an effective manner. We utilize our innovative Interdisciplinary Intervention Model (II Model) to treat the whole individual, recognizing the interconnections and complexities that exist within every person. 

The II Model was originally published in 2004 in response to the resonating request for evidence-based treatment in the world of autism and neurodiversity. It has quickly expanded as the need for cross-training, professional collaboration, and unified services continues to increase within the fields of behavioral and mental health.

The II Model offers a progressive solution that addresses how to:

  • Offer multiple services under one roof

  • Train clinicians to collaborate across disciplines and programs

  • Offer services that support family members, including parent training and individual and family counseling


The II Model is a valuable mechanism for promoting a deeper level of information transfer, fostering a wider breadth of positive outcomes for those challenged by ASD and other forms of neurodiversity. It is also a proven model for helping organizations provide therapeutic care and education services. 


Communication & Language

Everyone communicates unique thoughts and ideas in different ways. Our goal is to meet each individual where they are and establish an effective and functional means of communication.

Supporting Clinician: Speech Language Pathologist

Social Emotional Development

We all need a good friendship for life’s playground. Our goal is to increase interest in play and social activities and strengthen participation in relationships with social partners.

Supporting Clinician: Mental Health Therapist

Sensory Motor Development

Bodies are sophisticated  machines and we need to understand how they work in order to become better operators. Our goal is to identify and optimize the development of sensory needs as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Supporting Clinician: Occupational Therapist

Adaptive Daily Living Skills

Independence is success. Our goal is to increase independence in life skills which includes everything from washing hands to purchasing groceries. We work to develop structure around simple routines so independence can be transferred across settings.

Supporting Clinician: 

Occupational Therapist

Cognitive Development

Everybody learns differently. Our goal is to increase 
understanding and application of individualized learning systems for our clients and families.

Supporting Clinician: Special Education Teacher / Mental Health Therapist

Behavior Management

Behavior is communication. It is important to understand why behaviors continue so that they may be effectively changed. Our goal is to decrease challenging and unsafe behaviors and teach appropriate alternative behaviors.

Supporting Clinician: Behavior Analyst

Utilizing the Interdisciplinary

Intervention Model

​The II Model was founded on the evidence-based strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis. It integrates multiple disciplines and collaboration with other professionals. Family education and involvement is also a big part as well as overall convenience for those who use the model.

Spectra builds individualized packages for those utilizing the Model, which can include the following resources:

  • Training & Workshop specific to autism

  • Training with follow up classroom consultations

  • General observation with written recommendations

  • Evaluation and assistance in setting up a classroom

  • Evaluation specific to a student(s) with consultation

  • Consultation for IEP meetings, including attending and feedback

  • Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Training program for staff

  • Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Training program for families


For training, more information regarding the II Model, or to set up a program in your classroom or school, give Spectra a call at (303) 665-6800.

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