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Our Method

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Intake Procedures

Spectra’s intake process ensures that you are a fit for us and we are a fit for you. Depending on the program, this may include a conversation, a classroom observation, or a meet and greet at one of our facilities prior to the enrollment paperwork. The intake packet follows the standards established by our regulatory agencies. It may take a moment to complete, so we appreciate your patience!

Assessments & Treatment Plans

Assessments are the starting point for Spectra services and the foundation for a treatment plan. Direct and indirect assessments are used to identify social, emotional, language, academic, and behavioral needs for each individual. A licensed staff member determines which assessment(s) is needed in their particular area of expertise. 

After the assessment is completed, the treatment plan is written to identify concerns and deficits, set therapeutic goals, and establish a timeline for services. In most cases, Therapeutic Instructors (TIs) follow the treatment plan to completion with the consistent supervision of the licensed staff member. In other cases, such as Counseling, Speech Therapy, or OT, the clinician provides the services for the treatment plan. The treatment plan considers each domain of our II Model to ensure a comprehensive approach. In Spectra School, assessments and present functioning levels guide the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each student. Special Education Teachers provide direct instructions within the school environment and work hand-in-hand with related service providers. 

Data Collection & Reporting

Spectra utilizes a comprehensive online platform for data collection with secure digital information storage for all Electronic Health Records (EHR) and document management. The system ensures Spectra staff can collect data at the clinic, school, home, or in the community – all while keeping data secure, safe, and easily accessible.


Quantitative data is collected during the session, or across the day, on goals established during the assessment. Data is collected in all areas to inform decisions concerning behavioral programming and student academics. Spectra utilizes an online data collection system to promote generalization of skills across staff and environments. Data-based decisions are also used to assess the level of staff support and whether fading procedures can be used to increase student independence. Reporting is completed in alignment with funding expectations — typically bi-annually or annually. Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals are incorporated into the system as much as possible.

Clinical Rounds & Progress Meetings

The regular monitoring and discussion of data occurs through Clinical Rounds and Progress Meetings. This roundtable opportunity brings clinicians and educators together weekly to promote collaboration across disciplines and review data for decision-making purposes.

Professional Meetings

Professional meetings occur across the organization by discipline on a monthly basis to promote awareness and growth within each field, including: Speech, Occupational Therapy, Education, Behavior, and Mental Health.

Family Support & Training

As part of the II Model, Spectra’s programs offer a wealth of resources to encourage family support and involvement. Consistent meetings with the supervising clinician and / or teacher help families monitor progress and ensure that communication remains open. Families have access to an expert-authored library that includes curricula and video-based trainings of best practices with new webinars added regularly. Throughout the year, Spectra offers additional training and groups that families can sign up to attend. A Behavioral Safety Program with our certified Safety Care Trainer helps families prepare for the safe management of challenging behaviors in the home. Family Support Groups are also offered periodically. Individual mental health services for family members are available through Spectra Psychological & Counseling Services.

Discharge / Referral

Upon completion of services, the necessary discharge paperwork will be issued. In the event that services are needed beyond the scope of Spectra’s specialties, a referral will be made.

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