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Splash into Safety: Making Water Play Safe and Fun for All!

As the sun beams down, nothing beats the joy of splashing around in cool, refreshing water. But when little ones and neurodivergent individuals are part of the aquatic fun, safety becomes as crucial as the laughter. Here’s how you can ensure that every dip in the pool is a dive into safe and joyful play.


Water Safety Tip #1: Gear Up

Proper swim attire, well-fitting life jackets, and floatation devices are non-negotiables for those still learning to swim. Always opt for brightly colored swimsuits and neon colors. Remember that blue and green color choices tend to disappear and can be harder to spot underwater. To see how certain colors appear underwater, be sure to check out this article published by USA Today. Last but not least, be sure to apply (and reapply) the sunscreen and hats to guard against the sun.

Water Safety Tip #2: Be Vigilant

Always have a vigilant adult supervising. This person should be CPR-certified and familiar with any specific needs the swimmers may have. Limit distractions and be sure to always be ready to provide assistance as needed. Communication is key. Discuss pool rules with your young swimmers and neurodivergent participants beforehand, emphasizing the importance of walking (not running!) near water and using “inside voices” to hear each other over the splashes.

Water Safety Tip #3: Teach Safe Swimming Skills

The secret ingredient to safe swimming is ensuring that everyone involved in water activities knows how to swim. Local pools and recreation centers often offer swimming lessons tailored to various needs and abilities. Some even offer private sessions specifically for neurodivergent individuals. If a bustling group setting feels overwhelming, look for training options that are early in the morning or during quieter times of the day. Familiarity with water can empower children and adults alike, boosting their confidence and safety.

And now for the fun part! Introduce water games that encourage gentle, inclusive play. Think passing waterproof balls, floating ring tosses, or singing songs while kicking. These activities not only make the experience delightful but also enhance water skills and comfort.

Remember, with thoughtful preparation and vigilant supervision, water play can be a wonderfully inclusive activity where safety and fun float hand in hand. Ready, set, splash!

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