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Visual Planner Tool

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Welcome to the Spectra Centers Visual Planner! Visual planners are a remarkable tool to help our kiddos and young adults with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders visualize their day and ease the anxiety that often comes with adapting to a new routine.

To get started on building your daily schedule:

1. You will need: A pair of scissors and glue.

2. Start by clicking download beneath the image of Spectra’s visual planner(below)

3. Print off the visual planner

4. Start cutting out your activities and pasting them into your daily schedule!

5. Hang your daily schedule on the fridge, above your bed, or anywhere you will see it daily!

Once you have built your visual planner, we’d love to see it! Message Spectra Centers a picture of your finished planner on Facebook or Instagram and we will be sure to feature some of our favorites!

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