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Summer Sensory-Friendly Events

Summer is approaching, which means the weather is becoming warmer! There are a number of sensory-friendly activities available around Denver. Below are a few that you’ll be wanting to keep an eye on!

When: May 21st at 4 PM

Where: Lone Tree Arts Center

Price: $7 Admission

When: May 24th at 3 PM

Where: Butterfly Pavilion

Price: $14.95 for Adults, $9.95 for Children

When: May 27th at 8 AM

Where: Denver Botanic Gardens Price: Free with Reservation

The Denver Botanic Gardens also offer SPARK (Sensory Processing and Autism Resource Kits) backpacks on a first come, first served basis. They are located in the Helen Fowler Library in the Freyer – Newman Center.

Looking for an event later in the summer? Below are some sensory-friendly events we’ll think you’ll enjoy!

When: June 11th at 10 AM

Where: WOW! Children’s Museum

Price: $1 for both adults and children

When: July 12th at 4:30 PM

Where: The Children’s Museum of Denver

Price: Free with Reservation

When: July 23rd at 9 AM

Where: Denver Art Museum

Price: Free with Reservation

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