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Spectra's New Look

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

At Spectra Centers we realized that our logo no longer reflected everything we have grown to be and come to represent. So, we turned to Domoto Brands LLC. to help us find a new identity to represent everything we are now and will continue to grow to be in the future. Spectra is excited to announce our new and beautiful look. We love our new identity and hope you do too.

Spectra Centers Logo

Our logo integrates a star between the “t” and “r” that creates a new dimension, a new spectrum where we differentiate ourselves — employing our II Model-based approach and integrated collaboration. The letters rely on each other to form the star, just as our community relies on deep relationships to manifest their unified strength. Touching letters in the typography retain their individuality, yet come together to form a greater whole. Much like the close relationships within our community come together to form a collaboration of care, love, and support.

The rainbow gradient is a representation of the spectrum of individuals within our community, and an acknowledgment of Autism Spectrum Disorder on which our II Model was developed in order to find a comprehensive solution for relief and benefits for individuals with nuerodevelopmental disorders. Furthermore, a rainbow is a collective of visible light wavelengths. At Spectra Centers, we've learned to not take light for granted. We appreciate the light within every individual. Some light needs coaxing in order to radiate brightly, other times it reveals itself in new and unexpected ways. We unite to do the hard work to make sure every light is seen. After all, how could we learn to appreciate light if it weren’t for moments of darkness?

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