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New Beginnings

As I write this, it is difficult to begin discussing plans for the new year without looking back on where we were last year around this time. As 2020 began, Spectra’s staff, students, clients and myself had so much to look forward to. New goals had been established to guide us through another year of growth at Spectra.

We had no idea just how much growth, and hand sanitizer, 2020 would require from us.

We have learned so much over the past year about ourselves, our staff, and our remarkable kiddos. I can only hope our goals for the coming year will reflect all that we have learned.

Above all else, this year reinforced a belief our team has shared since Spectra’s doors first opened: YES WE CAN.

Our Spectra kiddos and clients, in cooperation with our outstanding staff, continued to accomplish that which they set their minds to in a year that was anything but routine. Spectra is an organization that thrives off routine, we always have. When it was time for that routine to change, our team didn’t miss a beat. I could not be more proud of the incredible job our team has continued to do to ensure Spectra’s day-to-day remains consistent, comfortable, and as safe as possible for our students and their families.

Just as a kiddo’s team completes their IEP or treatment plan annually, Spectra’s leadership team completes an Operational Plan for each facility and updates the Strategic Plan for the organization as a whole.

Annual family and staff evaluations provide fundamental input during this process. Measurable goals and guidelines are key. “Measurable” is a term of importance, to ensure progress can be seen. In a year such as 2020, the term “guidelines” couldn’t have been more important. We began with a guideline, adaptability, and flexibility, which simply offered direction and helped move us toward a goal. A dose of strength, determination, perseverance – or whatever you might call it – helped push us through.

As we set new goals for the coming year, we are focused on bringing our team together to start again. It is important we take the time to reassess, reflect, and consider what each member of our staff may have learned about Spectra Centers or themselves during a year as turbulent as 2020.

As we carry this knowledge into 2021, Spectra’s goals are focused on improvements in communication, convenience, and the quality of experience for our families and staff. We are increasing efforts to ensure that our information, resources, and communication systems are accessible and convenient. As a leader, I too am committed to remaining accessible and flexible. If there’s something that you would like to see – please tell me. My door, phone (303 665-6800), and email ( are always open. If there is a change we at Spectra or you would like to see on campus, I aspire to be the catalyst for that change.

We are excited about further expansion of services to include in-home programming, group services, and continued consultation with various partners in rural areas of Colorado. Cheers to you as you set your goals and venture toward them – adaptability in one hand and a bundle of strength in the other.

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