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Sensory Scavenger Hunt BINGO!

As we enter into the heart of springtime, what better way to get out and appreciate the Colorado sunshine than with a scavenger hunt! Our Sensory Scavenger Hunt BINGO is a great way to hone sensory skills while having fun doing so. As your kiddo starts to mark boxes along the way to complete our BINGO card, be sure to ask thoughtful questions that will help them make connections as they continue to recognize items on the list. There are no rules for this scavenger hunt, however, it’s always important to make sure the activity remains fun. If your kiddos start to get a little overwhelmed it is helpful to take a break and reflect on the activity. If you do end up enjoying the hunt, we’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us on Instagram @SpectraCenters.

Download the Sensory Scavenger Hunt BINGO card below!

Download PDF • 954KB

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