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Homework Guide for Parents & Guardians

With a new school year comes new challenges. One of the challenges neurodivergent students commonly face is their homework. Here are a few ways to make homework a more positive experience for your child.

  1. Make sure the homework is achievable for your child. Depending on your school, not all teachers are specialists when it comes to neurodivergent students. In some cases, additional discussion with your child’s teacher may be beneficial to better tailor the homework to their skill level.

  2. Be supportive as well as motivating. Children with ASD can have a difficult time transitioning from school to home, especially if fun activities are waiting for them. Be sure to make it clear that homework is a priority over their favorite activities. If doing homework at home is still difficult, ask the teacher if there is a homework club after school.

  3. Check in with your kiddo to see if they were given clear instructions. Language processing, challenges recording what the homework is, and difficulty recognizing what’s important to complete the assignment are all ways a child with ASD can struggle. Work with your child to see where they are having a tough time and think about what would be best for your child. Do they need their assignments printed out? Would it be best if they used a laptop to write down notes? Does your child require a Dictaphone or equivalent?

  4. Think about what time and what place best suits your child. Depending on your child, they may need a small break before hopping into homework or they may be able to dive in right after school. Whatever the case, having a space for them to do homework is important. The space should be clear of distractions, such as TV or video games.

  5. Help them with organization and time management. Depending on the assignment, it may be best to sit with your child and help if it’s a long assignment. Start by focusing for a short time, then take a break. Eventually, work up to longer focus times. Having a timer visible may help your child along this process.

  6. Communicate with your child’s school. Significant changes in the family, illness, or anxiousness can cause homework to be more difficult for neurodivergent people. Be sure to communicate openly with your child’s school if homework is more difficult than usual. If the circumstance is extreme, ask if your child can take a brief pause from homework. Reintroduce homework slowly over time to get your child back on track.


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