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Check Out Our New Sensory Room!

What is Spectra’s Sensory Room?

The purpose of this space is to find and build regulation. Spectra’s Sensory Room allows explorers to use and experience their senses to their full potential through interaction with their environment. This setting provides a variety of stimuli, including colors, sounds, aromas, and play resources. By providing a sense of comfort and calm, this space is intended to help learners feel supported, focused, and become more independent self-regulators.

What is in the Sensory Room?

Spectra’s Sensory Room includes ten different stations for its explorers. Each has a purpose, which is most often specific to the explorer and their need. For example, whereas visual input may be calming for one individual, another might find it overstimulating. Explorers will work to find the right balance of input to help with self-regulation.

  • Large Body Roller

  • Color Catch Interactive Panel

  • Bubble Wall

  • Infinity Interaction Panel

  • Bubble Tube & Mirrors

  • Fiber Optic Sensory Strands

  • Interactive Aroma Panel

  • Waterfall Light Curtain

  • Sparkling Ceiling & Wall Galaxies

  • Wall Projector & Slides

Spectra’s Sensory Room includes eight different types of seating for its explorers. Again, explorers will work to find the right balance of input to help with self-regulation.

  • Wobble chairs (2)

  • Wobble cushions (2)

  • Flex Space Floor Seats (2)

  • Giant floor pillows (3)

  • Couch

  • Beanbag (1)

  • Balance Ball seat (1)

  • Concentration Rocker (1)

Auditory input, including soft music and/or sounds, is also available to enhance the explorers’ experience.

Fidget and completion activities are available for explorers to choose from:

  • Water beads sensory fidget alphabet letters

  • Water beads sensory fidget numbers

  • Water and sparkle buildable shapes

  • Glow car build set

Additional sensory supports are available for explorers, including:

  • Weighted Blankets (2)

  • Quiet Ears Noise Cancelling Headphones (4)

  • Liquid Visual Timers (4)

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