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4 Gamified Self Care Apps We Love

Gamification makes even the hardest tasks fun and rewarding. Check out these 5 free apps we love for the young and young at heart.

Habit-Building & Self-Care Made Fun for Teens & Adults:

1. Finch

Welcome your new virtual feathered friend to the nest, name them, and go on

quests by completing self-care activities you input, all while shaping your pet’s personality and finding collectibles.

2. MoodPanda Mood Diary:

Track your mood and share your ups…and downs with a supportive, caring community. Give virtual hugs to those who need it most, and get the same support when you do.

3. Calm

Take a moment to breath with the Calm app. You can do guided meditation and breathing exercises with programs to fit any time or setting.

For the Kiddos & Kiddos at Heart:

4. Pokemon Smile

Brushing teeth has never been more fun with this app! Pokemon Smile tells kids when to brush their teeth and for how long, making it exciting and entertaining by catching plaque-causing Pokemon and taking fun photos while brushing.

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