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Home-Based Programs

Spectra’s Home-Based Programs embrace our "Make time, be present" value and focus on providing individualized training and support for parents and caregivers within the child’s own environment. Goals may include independence, daily living skills, communication, and decreasing maladaptive behaviors in the home. Hands-on training gives families the tools needed for success outside of therapy as well. Home based-programs include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Speech and / or Occupational Therapy through an Early Intervention service. Upon enrolling in the program, an assessment, including vital parent input, is completed for each child so that an individualized treatment plan may be created to guide therapeutic goals and timelines. For Speech and OT services, a licensed clinician will complete the assessment and deliver the services. For behavioral services, A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will complete the assessment and a team of Therapeutic Instructors (TIs) will provide treatment services. 

Program Hours

Spectra’s Home-Based Program (ABA) serves children ages 3-17 years. Spectra’s Home-Based Program (Speech & OT / Early Intervention) serves children ages 0-3 years. Service hours vary depending on age of the child and availability of the staff. Each child’s and family’s needs are unique and continuously evolving; therefore, from the first assessment and throughout treatment, Spectra will work with parents to help build an individualized therapy plan for every child.

Why Spectra?

Home-Based Programs offer a great starting point for services, allowing parents and caregivers to focus on specific routines, goals, and behaviors that are unique to a child’s home setting. This program gives families the opportunity to build confidence as they work alongside a trained clinician in order to better understand behaviors, set reachable goals, and work together as a dynamic team to achieve them. There’s no place like home!

A women and two young girls play on the floor.

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